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Love Your Enemy – Gabriel Lucatero

I needed to open my heart: In the first point I said that I detach myself by walking away. However, if I have truly stopped hating V, I have to be there in case she wants to talk. Ignoring her only means I am a hypocrite, telling you that you should eat healthy, while I am shoving a double cheese burger down my throat… Rad more.



Love at first sight – Cristian Mihai


He enters the waiting room, sees all the other patients eagerly waiting to be called into the office. They all nod in that peculiar manner; they are here because of necessity, rather than choice. He sits on the only available chair and takes out his cell phone. It’s so warm inside that he has to struggle not to yawn.

But then he looks up and sees her.

It’s always such a shock to see someone beautiful in places you wouldn’t expect to see anything of importance.

At first, he doesn’t give much thought into it. His eyes keep darting around the room, scanning the austere furniture and white walls. Waves of heat scratch their way out of his chest. He can feel it in his blood, he can feel his body hot as a furnace. He runs his tongue across his lip.

A certain photograph grabs his attention; a black and white photograph of a public phone’s handset hanging inside the booth… Read more.

Talking To Women 3: Conversation Killers – Gabriel Lucatero

This is the most awkward moment in the life of a man, when he looks at that beautiful woman across the bar and wants to talk to her, but doesn’t want to come across as a pickup artist or just another jerk. He’s heard a thousand times that “being yourself” is the best way to go, but he knows that “himself” is a little rough around the edges when it comes to talking to women. Moreover, he still doesn’t know what the conversation killers are… Read more.

Writing habits – Cristian Mihai

Writing is a profound and elemental aspect of life. A form of communication, a method by which man tries to feel less lonely. Even though it may appear to be a simple gesture, deeply rooted in our culture and tradition, writing is sometimes subject to odd habits and superstitions.

Some writers believe that inspiration cannot be forced or summoned at will and this creates a sense of fragility around the process itself. There are others who try to force it, and so they sit at their desk and try to write a certain number of words each day. Much like Graham Green, who supposedly used to write 500 words every day.

I don’ like having a word count — something I can’t really control. Sometimes words come out easily, sometimes it’s a struggle. I can’t control the outcome in terms of quantity, but I can write every day, or at least do a bit of editing.

Back when I was very young… Read more.

Talking To Women 2: The Mistakes – Gabriel Lutero

As a man, I can assure you that I have been there, looking at this cute woman, standing in the line of my local Starbucks, and I want to talk to her but I don’t know what to say. For some weird reason, I forgot the language. I go dumb. I’m afraid of making a mistake.

On a previous article I wrote about talking to women, I pointed out some of the qualities they like from men. I now feel compel to briefly talk about that article, and also share what I think are some of the mistakes we have to avoid when having a conversation with a woman we like… Read more.

Talking To Women – Gabriel Lucatero

Mike, one of my students, told me that talking to women was as difficult as algebra. “Really?” I asked, having an intense urge to slap the poor lad. But why? He came to me for answers, so I told him, “That’s the perspective you have. In fact, it isn’t that difficult.”

“Really?” he said, “but every time I talk to them they seem to be bored and want to leave as soon as possible. What am I doing wrong?”

The truth is, There are many ways to talk to women… Read more.


Real women don’t like Mama’s Boys – Gabriel Lucatero

Being the youngest man in my family -where there was an older male and no sisters- I grew up accustomed to be called “the baby.” It was cool in the beginning, if you ask me, but later I realized that the reason why I always agreed with my mom in everything, was what actually kept me from being a real man around other women. Something funny that happened to me, which I’ve never shared before, was my first encounter with a women who wanted to have sex with me; she even locked the doors to keep me from leaving. I said not “because my mom wanted me home by 6:00 pm” …. Read more…