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Do people need a resume for love?

modern-cv-resume-designs-2Have you ever dated anyone who seems to request, up front, your resume to decide whether you are worthy of dating her/him? well, it sort of happened to me.

Was almost a year a go when I dated for the first time this wonderful woman (Exactly a Friday, may 7th 2013), super smart, about to graduate from college, very passionate about her things. Dedicated to her work, a workaholic if you ask me, very self disciplined and, apparently, in full control of her self.

She had this idea of only dating people who were centered, smart, trust worthy, ambitious, independent and with a career, not really caring if he was good looking or not.

We were very different at some levels, she was very methodical, had this obsession for controlling every single detail. Unlike me, being completely spontaneous about the way I drive my self trough life; but at the same time we were both very passionate about what we liked. We did share these amazing conversations, we were very passionate about each other, when together at least. I remember loving walking around just holding hands and let the world spin around us at its very rushed pace. We, literally, didn’t care about any one else while together, and we both hated when the time came to get out of that little ‘bubble’ we created every time.

Anyway I remember one of those conversations where I asked her if she would had dated me if I didn’t have a career, me knowing the real answer, she dared throwing a: ‘I don’t know’ and I replied: ‘we both know you do, and that you wouldn’t had done it’

Putting the outcome of that conversation a side, I wonder, ever since, do we need a resume to give love a chance? some people would say: ‘well, I need to make sure I am with a good person and he/she has a future’ or things like: ‘well, I wouldn’t like being with some one who holds me back on my professional and personal life’. All of them make perfect sense, I think, but I also think its completely boring.

I wonder, even more now a days that not even big corporations worry about big titles and rather have a young, talented person working for them, since when is this a factor that should allow or disallow people finding true happiness? It is said that the human being, by nature, needs to feel loved and cared, then why does this has to be limited by such a vane thing as a career tittle? are we gonna start getting paid based on what we have studied throughout life? is the amount of love limited to what a piece of paper says? did the prince get married to the reporter because of her great resume and/or talent? because lets face it, she was the big winner on getting married to him.

If some one seems to have an answer to this, please, I beg you, try to convince me and make me see why this should be a priority in a persons life when searching for a couple for happiness.


My first english post ever: be the actor in your life…

Movie-Film-Action-Board-Clock-Christmas-gifts-Cool-stuffs-Desk-effectSome of the people who have being curious about reading my blog have been suggesting me, insistingly, to write some of them in English. Personally I never thought that would happen. In any case I decided to give it a try and I was thinking one of these days, while watching a movie based on a real life story, that seems like real life is just the greatest material for a short film or even a ‘big screen’ movie, so! that’s exactly what I’ll be writing about tonight.

‘Be the actor in your life’ is what came to my mind, but how or what do you mean? a friend asked me. ‘Simple’ I said. Think of your life as a screenplay script and there’s an actor that’s going to perform as you. Like in movies, specially those that are based on real life events, these actors, the most dedicated ones at least, do ‘extreme’ things to get into character, to understand the character’s (or the real life person they’d be playing) state of mind, they try to feel what they felt, to identify with what they did. Some actors even transform their bodies to meet and play certain person or given part, like Christian Bale when he played ‘American Psycho’, he had to, literally, lose weight, exercise a lot so he could be and feel like the character was described in the novel.

Some people tend to think that acting is an overestimated profession, some don’t even see it or accept it as such; but if you think about it, many of these actors know several different languages or even have bachelors degrees, like Dulph Lundgren – Chemical Engineering or Arnold Schwarzenegger – Business and International Economics or even Rowan Atkinson – Electrical Engineering and the list just could be endless. Some of them learn how to fight, how to fly a chopper, or even a jet.

So, whats the point with all this ‘adapting skills’ they have? well, we could just be like those changing, highly adaptable actors, with the difference that we wouldn’t do it for a movie, we would use those skills, that willingness and dedication  for life, after all, it is only up to us how many languages we want to learn, whether we want to have a bachelors degree or even work hard to make a good life for us and/or family.

I’d say be an actor, be a hero, seek that happy ending, adapt, fight with endless energy, a movie is not life but life can be a huge hit of a movie. Like Morgan Freeman said in Bruce Almighty: ‘A single mom who’s working two jobs and still finds time to take her kid to soccer practice, that’s a miracle. A teenager who says “no” to drugs and “yes” to an education, that’s a miracle. But what they don’t realize is they! have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle’

I am certain that God gave us free will for a reason, and that is for us to realize that it is the strongest power we could ever have, the power of decision, the power of achieving as much as we choose to. Like Paul Walker found his passion, through acting, for speed, find your passion, live your passion and never ever give up. Be the actor in your life.